Economic Benefits

EPR air fed gasifier systems are the most economical available for thermal treatment of solid waste in terms of both initial construction costs and operating costs.

EPR  gasification systems are normally deployed in 10 MWe to 50 MWe modules that can process up to 1,450 TPD, each of sorted municipal solid waste. High calorific value wastes from industry such as carpet, shredded tires, petroleum coke, waste oil, or even landfill gas can be used as ancillary fuel.

These modules can be ganged to create integrated facilities that can process up to more than 3000 tons per day of municipal solid waste (weight before sorting). The systems are custom designed for specific operating environments and capable of utilizing a variety of locally available feed stocks.

EPR has custom designed gasification facilities to operate on construction and demolition waste, municipal solid waste. as well as European SRF, RDF, high carbon coal fly ash, and other combustible waste products. These plants are capable of producing electricity, process steam or even low Btu gas for ancillary fuel at remote thermal plants.

Depending on the local economic environment, these plants can be highly profitable as well as of great benefit to the local environment.