Custom Designed Systems

EnviroPower Renewable, Inc. can custom design a clean, efficient gasification system for most solid waste conversion applications.

 Fluidized Bed Gasification Systems can be designed for:

  • Waste processing capacities from 400 to 2000 tons, or more, per day
  • Electrical power generating capacities from 16MW to 100MW, or more.
  • Processing of biomass with moisture content as high as 78%.
  • Thermal energy can be used for electrical power generation, process steam, or district heating.

  Rotary Kiln Gasification Systems can be designed for:

  • Biomass/MSW processing capacities from 100 to 250 tons, or more, per day;
  • Electrical power generating capacities from 0.5MW to 10MW;
  • High temperature processing of hazardous waste;
  • Highly reliable, sintering unit operation.




Internal Combustion / Gasification Hybrid Combined Cycle Systems can be  designed for:

  •   Highly efficient use of conventional and solid waste fuels in a number of combined cycle configuration, including combined heat and power, and multiple steam source  driven systems. 
  •  Combined cycle systems utilizing either reciprocating engine  or combustion gas turbines to provide power generating flexibility for both base load and demand load energy requirements.