Newcastle Upon Tyne, 32 MW Gasification Facility


 EPR, Varsity Projects, and Port of Tyne have agreed to develop a 32 MW gasification waste to energy facility on Port of Tyne property in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.  The Port of Tyne will supply a portion of waste to the project and be the main off-taker of the renewable energy generated. The planned facility will be have a generating capacity of 32 MW. Additional waste required as fuel will be supplied by private waste management companies with whom Varsity is now in negotiations.


Waste streams in excess of 850 tonnes/day have been arranged for  the project. Another entity is proposing to deliver 400,000 t/yr of pre-sorted, shredded and baled waste to the gasification facility.  European tipping fees (>$70/t), and a generous rates for renewable energy make this a financially attractive project.