Integrated Waste Management Systems Design


Sustainable social and economic development of a country or region ultimately requires  innovative and flexible solid waste management systems. While tailored to the local environments, these systems must still be capable of supporting growth by providing a level of service that conforms with normally accepted international standards in terms of capacity for the various types of waste being generated.

In developing countries, solid waste management systems must be implemented in stages, with each stage representing measurable progress compared to what came before and a solid base upon which further progress can be supported. 

EnviroPower Renewable staff have developed comprehensive integrated waste management plans for several countries or jurisdictions, and have written or consulted in the writing of solid waste regulations for several states, regions and entire countries.

Design and Operation of Integrated Waste Management Systems design typically involves the following tasks: 

 - Waste Characterization StudiesDetermination and evaluation of current waste management infrastructure and resources

- Creation of a staged plan for development of the necessary infrastructure components of an integrated waste management plan, which typically includes:

- Design and construction of a centrally located lined landfill facility

- Closing and stabilization or remediation of dumpsites

- Development of a waste collection, separation, processing and disposal system that can include:

- Collection routes and equipment for ordinary MSW and for special wastes

- Hazardous waste drop off centers

- Hazardous and medical waste treatment facilities

- Arrangements with local industry for waste minimization through recycling re-use, onsite waste processing and volume reduction

- Design and construction of transfer stations, material recovery facilities, recycling centers, compost plants, and waste to energy facilities.

- Public awareness campaigns

- Writing and implementation of solid waste management policies and regulations.