Las Vegas 48 MW Gasification Facility


The Apex Astra Renewable Energy Facility is a renewable fuel fired gasification power plant to be located in the Apex Industrial park in North Las Vegas. The new waste to energy facility will be built in two phases, the first will generate 48 MW from two modular 24 MW gasification lines by efficiently and cleanly processing approximately 800 tons/day of light weight C&D waste, 300 tons/day of source separated commercial waste, and 150 tone per day used tire shreds, as available. A third 24 MW gasification line will be added in the second Phase to bring total generating capacity to 72 MW.


Lunas Construction, Inc., partners on the project, will collect the waste, sort the waste in the Lunas Sorting Facility, and shred the waste prior to transport to the Gasification Facility.  Electrical power will be sold under a power purchase agreement (PPA) to local commercial and industrial consumers in Las Vegas

When in full operation, the first (48 MW) phase of new power plant will generate an average of 1,100 MWh/day of electrical energy that will be provided to clients seeking base load renewable power in Southern Nevada. At full 72 MW capacity in Phase II, the Facility will provide about 1,700 MWh per day.


The plant will create approximately 80 new jobs, not including the jobs at the Lunas Sorting Facility to initially process the waste.

The new facility will take in pre-sorted and waste from the Lunas materials recovery facility as well as from other waste haulers in the Las Vegas area. The pre-sorting and pre-shredding will allow only clean refuse derived fuel to enter the gasifiers.

The power plant will feature proprietary LoNOx flue gas recycle technology and an effective flue gas clean up train to ensure that regulated emissions are far below the concentrations allowed under Federal and State air quality standards.