Gortadroma, Ireland 48 MW Gasification Facility


Cadence EnviroPower EnviroPower Renewable, Inc. and Cadence Infrastructure  have formed a special purpose company (Cadence EnviroPower, LLC)  to fund, design, construct, and operate a Gortadroma 48 MW waste to energy Gasification Facility in Gortadroma, Co. Limerick, Ireland. Cadence EnviroPower submitted the winning bid for the project in an open international competition. 




The Gortadroma, Ireland project is a 48 MW Waste to Energy Gasification Facility. The scope of work for the project includes:

1.    Design, construction, and operation of a Sorting and Materials Recovery Facility at the Gortadroma, Limerick County Landfill site meeting EU standards; 

2.    Design, construction, and operation of a 48 MW Gasification Facility capable of processing of MSW into clean, green, renewable energy; and

3.    Design, construction, and operation of the supporting solid waste management facilities in accordance with contract requirements.