Waste Recovery and Reporcessing Systems

EPR actively develops waste to energy systems to handle specific waste streams.  EPR uses the inherent flexibility of rotary kiln gasifcation to design processes that can produce a valuable product while producing excess energy.  


Ash To Energy and Cement (ATEC), is proprietary technology for the reprocessing of fly ash into cement products, with enough excess energy to efficiently generate electricity.  ATEC is specifically designed to utilize types of fly ash that are not suitable for other uses, such as high-carbon, class C, or oversized ashes.  ATEC has been thoroughly tested in small system, and several commercial scale systems have been initially developed.

Material Recovery

Waste streams frequently contain valuable materials, especially non-ferrous metals, that are difficult or expensive to sort out.   Recovering non-ferrous metals from typical waste-to-energy systems is either inefficient, expensive, or both.  EPR has developed new technology for non-ferrous metal recovery that allows a high level of recovery without expensive equipment.  The first commercial scale system is in development.