Creating a cleaner future today

One of today’s toughest challenges is finding clean energy sources that are both environmentally and economically viable. EnviroPower answers that challenge.

Waste to Energy (WTE) facilities solve the overflowing landfill issues while creating a clean, green renewable energy source. Of the primary WTE methods (pyroylsis, plasma gasification, incineration, air fed gasification and anaerobic digestion), gasification has been proven the most efficient and environmentally friendly.


Enviropower Renewable, Inc. (EPR) seeks to organize advanced and environment-friendly energy generation solutions in markets with high electricity rates worldwide, by means of associations with leading technology providers, operators, and capital providers.

It is our objective to retain equity positions and long-term management contracts in all of our projects, assuring our continued involvement as well as consistent execution and operation during the entire life of each project.